Please scroll down for updates regarding Carson's High Court win & Judgment with damages awarded against Probond Marine Ltd. (MD Colin James MacAndrew, now at The Ultimate Boat Co. (also referred to as UBC or Ultimate Boats) in Glasgow (Director: Shane Mugan))

January 2022 Update:

Our strategic partners CTruk Marine Services Ltd. & Alnmaritec Ltd. have ceased trading.

We are now working with new partners and collaborators.





​​                                                                                      October 2020


Introducing greener new generation Carson RIBs now being built with our strategic partners CTruk Marine at their state-of-the-art facilities in Colchester. Based on well proven Carson hull designs used by professionals in over 20 countries worldwide for nearly 4 decades, the all new hull structure for the road transportable 10 metre CR1000 wheelhouse RIB has been designed for modern infusion construction in accordance with the latest Bureau Veritas regulations using "Green" laminates to the latest IACS approved Sicomin InfuGreen Bio-Epoxy infusion resin and ArmaForm PET foam cores which are made of 100% recycled PET. This infused sandwich construction is lighter and stronger than traditional hand lay-up. The standard twin engine package is 2 x 300bhp Oxe diesel outboards. Other engines including inboards can be specified. Vitals: Loa: 10m x 3m beam with top speeds exceeding 50kts. (dependant on power). Tubes are mechanically fastened, radio frequency welded PU fabric with an outer protective skin also of PU for maximum abrasion resistance and longevity. A demonstrator is presently in build and will soon be available on the south coast. Open deck and other variants are also available.

                                CARSON - CTRUK – ALNMARITEC                          PRESS RELEASE   July 2020


Carson RIBs and CTruk are pleased to announce their recently formed partnership to build and market Carson RIBs. Globally renowned boat builders CTruk are expanding their production to produce a range of RIBs for commercial, military and leisure customers with designs ranging from 4.5m to 15m. Branded ‘Carson-CTruk’, the new RIBs are available in either vacuum infused composite or of aluminium construction.

CTruk’s global success in the offshore sector spanning several decades has been based on an innovative approach to design and build. It follows their quest for continuous improvement and for pioneering solutions tailored specifically to the challenges of its clients.

The infused composite hull RIBs are being built at CTruk’s 5-acre state of the art facilities in Colchester and the aluminium hull RIBs at CTruk’s sister company Alnmaritec. With their extensive facilities and highly skilled workforce CTruk have the capacity to build high volume numbers of RIBs to any size with completed vessels qualified to ISO 9001:2015 certification, IACS (Lloyds/BV etc.), MOD, CE certification or MCA Coding.

Carson RIBs which started in the early 1980s are highly respected and recognised for being innovative and fast heavy-duty boats. Occupying a niche sector in the market they are widely used in the commercial and military sectors in over twenty countries worldwide. With operations from the Arctic to the Antarctic, Carson’s have been used for diving, rescue, military, paramilitary, commercial & environmental operations, to name but a few with many leisure enthusiasts also enjoying the benefits of ownership.

Bringing the two brands together combines a wealth of experience with decades of proven pedigree offering customers a complete and seamless integrated service second to none.

RECENTLY APPOINTED AGENT: For Denmark and Germany, YMG GROUP GmbH. please contact Alex Bahn

email: ymggroupgmbh@icloud.com



IMPORTANT UPDATES REGARDING RECENT HIGH COURT CASE          Full story here            Updated June 2021



Intellectual Property & Enterprise Court strikes out Probond Marine’s case: 30 June 2020.

One year on Probond still not paid damages & costs to Carson.

Valuable assets hidden & others claimed deliberately destroyed deny Probond’s creditors & Carson their rightful monies.

Key role played by Shane Mugan (of The Ultimate Boat Company, etc.)

Following further malicious false claims and fake news posted by MacAndrew & Shane Mugan, both of The Ultimate Boat Company (UBC), Glasgow & Isle of Man, Carson has been compelled to update this statement of facts in more detail on documented evidence.

*  Over two years in the High Court.

*  Disputed matters before the Court: Breach of Contract * Carson Interceptor RIB Designs * IP Rights *  

   Royalties * Commissions * Other Matters

*  Damages & costs awarded to Barry Carson (Carson RIBs).
*  Probond’s case struck out in its entirety after failing to provide evidence and attend trial.
*  Probond held in Breach of Contract and also High Court Orders before trial with further breaches committed 

   after trial.
*  No findings of wrongdoing by Carson contrary to MacAndrew’s still publicly repeated claims.
*  Colin James MacAndrew, MD of Probond Marine Ltd. has now ceased trading.
*  Shane Michael Mugan, previously involved with Probond and now Owner/Director of newly formed The

    Ultimate Boat Company (UBC), played an instrumental destructive role and was root cause of the dispute

    that led to the High Court and Probond's demise.
*  Dispute began immediately Mugan got involved with Probond. MacAndrew appointed Mugan as mouthpiece

    to initially deal with Carson.

*  With no prospect of winning the case MacAndrew began winding-up Probond and joined with Mugan in

    starting The Ultimate Boat Company, initially in the same premises in Cullen, Scotland.
*  Damages & costs awarded to Carson remain unpaid.
*  With no prospect of winning their case and following trial & judgment against him MacAndrew proceeded to

    adopt a reprehensible scorched earth policy by hiding assets, destroy and send to landfill various high value

    production moulds, stock & new demonstrator boats thus denying Carson due damages with costs and

    denying Probond’s numerous other creditors their money.
*  Carson’s claim exceeds £640k. Numerous other creditors are also left out of pocket by hundreds of

   thousands of Pounds.
*  MacAndrew’s actions are considered a deliberate and vindictive process to avoid his legal and moral

   obligations to Carson, his staff, suppliers, service providers and many other creditors.
*  MacAndrew now refers to himself as "Advisor to the Board" of UBC in Clydesdale, Glasgow. Mugan and his

   wife are the Owners Directors of UBC. Mugan also describes himself as “Growth Advisory Board Member”.

   Some of Mugan’s other interests include Exo Technoligies, TYNC Design, Hibernia Capital, Novo Altum and

   Emeritus, all based on the IOM the same as UBC’s registered office.
*  6 months after losing his case MacAndrew and or others, on Christmas Eve and morning 2020, posted

   numerous personal insults, defamatory comments and allegations knowing them to be all completely

   fabricated and false against Carson’s boat designs and personal good character and reputation.
* Then, failing to achieve his aims, on New Year’s Eve MacAndrew emailed Carson threatening to post more lies

   if his demands were not met, inter alia, that Carson remove all legitimate reporting regarding this court case

   and its outcome. Unlike MacAndrew’s allegations and posts all material posted by Carson is factual and fully

   supported with documented evidence.
*  Mugan had previously posted some of the same as MacAndrew on UBC’s Facebook (see below). This was cut

   and pasted by MacAndrew proving further collusion between them to compulsively lie about these matters

   and their concerted effort to harm Carson’s good name.
*  Additionally, Mugan has emailed Carson directly adding further insults and more fabricated claims regarding

*  Police and other authorities are informed and have written to MacAndrew advising his actions are unlawful,

   to seek legal advice and warning him he may face future prosecution.
*  Carson is taking legal advice and considering further action against MacAndrew and Mugan of UBC.
*  Matters are ongoing and further updates will be posted.


Colin James MacAndrew contact details: colin@ultimate-boats.com and ahoy@ultimate-boats.com and marketing@ultimate-boats.com and sales@probondmarine.co.uk

Phone numbers 07793 874346 & 0141 941 0447 (at The Ultimate Boat Company).

Addresses used: The Old Mill Of Newton, Clatt, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB54 4PE and Corrennie Cottage, Midmar, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB517NQ and Indulf House, Lintmill, Cullen, Moray, Scotland, AB56 4XQ

Shane Michael Mugan contact details: shane.mugan@hibernia.im and ahoy@ultimate-boats.com and marketing@ultimate-boats.com

Phone numbers 07624 390700, 01624 853690 & 0141 941 0447 (at The Ultimate Boat

Addresses used: 88 King Edward Rd., Onchan, IOM, IM3 2AU and Ballafreer Cottage, Ballafreer Lane, Union Mills, IOM, IM4 4AS and Hibernia Marine Ventures Ltd. (also Hibernia Capital), 8 St. George’s St., Douglas, IOM, IM1 1AH. Also The Ultimate Boat Co., Clydebank Industrial Est., G81 4HT. Glasgow.


For more comprehensive account of the facts please click here








Screenshot_2020-05-13 Shane Mugan hibern

Below: Carson Interceptor 1050 "Divine Wind" delivered to Shane Mugan on Isle of Man: Fraudulently claimed to be designed by Colin MacAndrew/Probond/UBC but proven in court to be Carson's design. Royalties and commissions still not paid despite damages awarded to Carson

Carson Interceptor design publicly claimed built by UBC for McLachlan Marine in Aberdeen but that was denied to exist despite this photograph taken by Carson personally with both Mugan and MacAndrew onboard at Seawork Show in Southampton. This evidence was shown to the court.

Screenshot_2020-05-13 Shane Mugan hibern
Screenshot_2020-05-13 Shane Mugan hibern
Screenshot_2020-05-13 Shane Mugan hibern
Probond Advert 4.png
Probond Advert 3.png

Mrs Mugan's post: Carson Interceptor with UBC logo

Carson Interceptor denied to exist: Note UBC logo on side and Mugan in the wheelhouse. Like many others Carson's royalties/commission never paid

Below: Domains registered by Shane Mugan of UBC hijacking Carson name and designs without consent and believed intended fraudulent use

Below: MacAndrew/Probond/Mugan/UBC claim UBC never built or marketed Carson RIBs contrary to the evidence of their own advertising! MacAndrew has publicy posted: "For the avoidence of any possible doubt, The Ultimate Boat Company never built or sold any Carson RIBs or any RIBs designed by Barry Carson of Carson Marine". The various images here show this is another blatant lie. Royalties and commissions remain unpaid.

Mugan & MacAndrew claim this Carson Interceptor 1050 was never sold by Probond to Mugan (to avoid paying Carson's royalty, etc.) Mrs. Mugan clearly thought different and was so delighted with her husband's new acquisition she posted it as her main photo on her Facebook!

Below: Shane Mugan advertising Probond's assets/stock: it is now claimed he never had any business involvement in Probond and was just a customer believed an attempt to distance himself from the legal proceedings. Customers don't sell another business's stock or refer to same as their own. It is also claimed he never bought 3 x Suzuki 350As fitted to the Carson Interceptor 1050 Divine Wind. His own advert contradicts everything. He clearly was acting deceitfully and intended to mislead. It also raises the question why are these valuable stock items advertised privately when knowing a court case claiming for damages is in progress and numerous other creditors  are owed money.

Below: It is claimed UBC never built any Carson designs. However, their own posts on FB prove different. This Carson Interceptor was claimed sold to McLachlan Marine, Aberdeen by UBC. One of many boats with royalties and commissions still owed to Carson by order of the court

Below: Even Mrs Mugan seems to think the advertised engines are her husband's when she posted them for sale on her own Facebook page, not Probonds stock as now claimed. MacAndrew/Probond now claim "paucity of assets" for not paying Carson's damages and other creditors left out of pocket by hundreds of thousands of Pounds.

Below: Mrs Mugan seems to love her husband's new toy so much she shared this video of it on her FB referring to it as "Our cool Divine Wind". Referring to it as "our" is not something anyone would do if this boat was simply a demonstrator belonging to a company they have no involvement in as now claimed. But you might if it is your own boat! To deceive and mislead relevant parties her husband and MacAndrew now say he never bought it and it was just another Probond demonstrator. It is also now claimed to have been broken up and sent to landfill the same as other valuable new stock boats and tooling moulds. This, with many other valuable assets hidden and or claimed destroyed left no assets to pay Carson's damages and numerous other creditors.

Below: After losing the court case (that, according to MacAndrew, required £265k to bring to trial) and spending 2.5yrs attempting to claim this innovative Carson Interceptor design as their own and previously applauding the design the same as many professionals have, Mugan put this reprehensible post on UBC's Facebook. Mugan has no "race team", has never raced RIBs or powerboats and is a complete amateur with no knowledge or expertise whatsoever in these matters. MacAndrew later copied and posted it himself. All this is another completely fabricated lie that contradicts numerous previous good reports about this design. Mugan's so called "advising" MacAndrew is a prime case of the blind leading the blind with a generous dose of sour grapes! No doubt had they succeeded in stealing this design their opinions would have been very different and stuck with their original exultations about this innovative design.

Below: More evidence that contradicts Mugan's and MacAndrew's claims that UBC never built or marketed Carson RIB designs. These are screenshots of their own advertising including fraudulently claiming to build other Carson designs they were never licensed to build. Numerous royalties and commissions remain unpaid to Carson in breach of contract and court order.

Below: Carson Interceptor 1050 featured on UBC's website. They deny they ever built or marketed any Carsons. This particular model they unsuccessfully claimed they designed themsleves. When confronted with overwhelming evidence and questioned in a pre-trial hearing MacAndrew finally admitted it is a Carson design built from the standard Carson Interceptor production moulds. As with many other Carson RIBs they built, royalty and commissions remain unpaid. Their claimed 129 boats built could only have been from Carson designs at the material time as they had no others available to them. It contradicts the small handful MacAndrew claimed at court that had been built. Their claimed 129 boats built is a complete fabrication intended to mislead. If it were true then the damages claim by Carson may be substantially increased. The claimed 100% customer satisfaction is also untrue. Carson is informed that since leaving the Probond partnership build quality has been a serious issue with several reported dangerous defects. Further, customer support was seriously lacking, all adding to the other issues with suppliers and contractors not being paid and treated badly, including known other litigation against them.

Below: Current location of UBC boat building operations as per their website. "Ulitmate" spelling mistakes included! Their previous location at Indulf House in Cullen shared with Probond they left with the landlord owed tens of thousands of Pounds of unpaid rent. The matter was listed in the Inverness Court. Their current landlord has this Glasgow property advertised for sale.

Probond Advert.png