While Carson hull designs have always aimed to mitigate the shock loads sustained when driving at speed in rough water, particularly marked in the new generation Carson, it is accepted that any other aid available to further enhance shock mitigation is a worthwhile benefit. Crew safety, security and comfort must always be paramount in any operations. To this end the Carson shock mitigation seats range are intended to provide these requirements in a robust, practical and cost effective package. The base suspension unit can be supplied with a variety of seat and backrest options from basic jockey type to full bucket seats and harnesses if required.


Mainly constructed from folded marine grade 5083 aluminium sheet with minimum welds and 316 stainless steel these robust seats are practical, comfortable and good looking. Of unitary configueration, they may initially be supplied as a basic jockey type, but can be easily upgraded if required with optional backrests that have a built-in grabrail and storage net behind, armrests, footrests, bucket seats and harnesses.  In addition the basic unit can be fitted to provide shock mitigation with bench seats, believed to be an industry first. Upholstery is built up with shock mitigating foam and uses waterproof and UV resistant heavy-duty fabrics. The air shocks can be pressure adjusted as required to suit differing body weights and sea conditions. All in all these seats are designed to compliment any fast vessels whether ribs or other types and can be supplied to other operators to fit in their own boats.

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