Following the successful launch of the advanced Carson Interceptor Class range of Ribs at Seawork 2017 an even more advanced range have now been introduced by Carson Marine to be built in partnership with CTruk and their partner company Alnmaritec. The new range are available in sizes from 4.5 to 15 metres. All are built to the highest industry standards to provide maximum ruggedness, strength, longevity and reduced maintenance.

All sizes are available with optional newly developed hull structures that have been designed for modern infusion construction in accordance with the latest Bureau Veritas regulations using "Green" laminates to the latest IACS approved Sicomin InfuGreen Bio-Epoxy infusion resin and ArmaForm PET foam cores which are made of 100% recycled PET. This infused sandwich construction is lighter and stronger than traditional hand lay-up. All models offer improved performance, great handling and fuel economy. As with earlier Carsons a variety of deck layouts, equipment, cabins, wheelhouses and other options are offered. Please see our Update/News section for more details.









A completely new range of larger RIBs has recently been introduced to be built by CTruk using infused sandwich construction. Aluminium hulls are also offered. These big RIBs are suitable for a wide variety of operations and with their optional full wheelhouses and accommodation cabins making them ideal for long range operations or where longer onboard periods are required. Typically these fully enclosed RIBs would have heavy-duty foam filled tubes for maximum durability although air collers are also offered. Both D section and full round to customer's choice.



After a lot of interest shown in a proposed new Carson concept design introduced during Seawork 2016 a whole new model range was added to the Carson line-up. Named the Carson Interceptor Class, three basic designs were produced for building and marketing by Probond Marine Ltd/The Ultimate Boat Company. These are 7.5m, 8.5m and a 9.5m (750, 850 and 950), although some other variations are also offered depending on customer's final requirements. One example launched in May 2018 being a modified and lengthened special of the 9.5m, designated the Carson Interceptor 1050. The first is fitted with 3 x 350hp Suzuki outboards and long-range tanks to provide a stunning high speed performance. The added length and capacity was achieved with a transom extension pod that also provides an added step to the aft end of the hull. Another addition to the range is a fully enclosed wheelhouse model making it ideal for North Sea operations and longer operations when weather protection is paramount.