CARSON RIB's professional boat range can also be supplied as serious leisure boats where the customer wants something a cut above the rest. With sizes between 4.5m and 20m all models are to the highest coding and certification standards and can incorporate recyclable materials that combined with an efficient hull help promote looking after our environment.

Whether of robust infusion moulded GRP or aluminium construction CARSON RIBS are proven over many years to provide maximum ruggedness, strength, longevity and reduced maintenance. In addition to our classic designs we have recently added more models further extending our range. Included in the new line up are our updated Interceptor models, the Innova. The Innova range extend from 6.5 - 20m. Most notable design features are the semi wave-piercing bows with a distinct profile to slice through the water and provide a more comfortable and faster ride with improved fuel economy. Coupled with added forward freeboard and a full rounded deck line these features will further reduce spray and enhance offshore and heavy weather capability. The full rounded deck line also enhances over the bow operations thanks to substantially increased deck area. In addition, this better protects the hull's stem from damage either to itself or other vessels and objects. The distinctive hull design provides good stability, payload and internal volume. With the raised topsides and D collar option this increased volume is class leading.


The new Innova range of semi wave-piercing hull designs follow the successful launch of the advanced Carson Interceptor Class range of Ribs at Seawork 2017.

First shown in a proposed new Carson RIB design concept introduced during Seawork 2016 a whole new model range was added to the Carson line-up. Named the Carson Interceptor Class, three basic designs were produced. Later a 10.5m was added to the range. The full range came in 7.5m, 8.5m, 9.5m and 10.5m (called Carson Interceptors 750, 850, 950 and 1050). One 1050 example launched in May 2018 was fitted with 3 x 350hp Suzuki outboards and long-range tanks to provide a stunning high speed performance giving speeds up to 70kts/130kph and blistering acceleration. Other versions in the range included fully enclosed wheelhouse models making it ideal for all-season offshore operations.


Based on previous well proven designs the Carson Interceptor Class incorporated a semi wave piercing bow and longer waterline coupled with an advanced deep V multi stepped hull design. Successful sea trials proved the benefits of this concept for high speed RIBs showing its superior shock mitigating seakeeping qualities, safety and sweet handling characteristics.  Even in tight turns at speeds over 50 knots it amazes all who have experienced this boat, inspiring crew and passenger confidence. After debuting at Seawork 2017 and demonstrations with both professional and experienced leisure customers, orders were soon placed for use in a variety of commercial and leisure applications.

All sizes are available with optional newly developed and unique hull steps developed by Carson since 1995 offering improved performance, great handling and fuel economy. All these improvements also mean more power can be installed to further increase performance and or move heavy loads at higher average speeds. As with earlier models a variety of deck layouts, equipment, cabins, wheelhouses and self-righting options and much more is offered.

The original Carson designs are still available with design adjustments to improve their already great reputation. These range from 4.5 to 10 metres. As always, they are available with conventional tubes or optional raised topside models with D section tubes (that may also be foam filled). Models from 6m can also be fitted with optional inboard engines. Some previous Carson built versions are shown in our gallery section as well as other larger classic designs.


Currently in design are a range of rugged marine drive units to suit different horsepower inboard engines whether petrol or diesel. Particularly suited to commercial and military rib applications and other fast boat types they offer a simple but strong and easily maintained unit that enables safer beaching and good maneouvreability yet still have good high speed performance and economy. Able to operate in shallow waters similar to a waterjet where debris may be present and at the same time offer good performance, this is a unique concept that will offer fast boat operators a good alternative. They can be fitted to all Carson Ribs or supplied to other fast boat users.


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