CARSON - CTRUK – ALNMARITEC                   PRESS RELEASE   July 2020


Carson RIBs and CTruk are pleased to announce their recently formed partnership to build and market Carson RIBs. Globally renowned boat builders CTruk are expanding their production to produce a range of RIBs for commercial, military and leisure customers with designs ranging from 4.5m to 15m. Branded ‘Carson-CTruk’, the new RIBs are available in either vacuum infused composite or of aluminium construction.

CTruk’s global success in the offshore sector spanning several decades has been based on an innovative approach to design and build. It follows their quest for continuous improvement and for pioneering solutions tailored specifically to the challenges of its clients.

The infused composite hull RIBs are being built at CTruk’s 5-acre state of the art facilities in Colchester and the aluminium hull RIBs at CTruk’s sister company Alnmaritec. With their extensive facilities and highly skilled workforce CTruk have the capacity to build high volume numbers of RIBs to any size with completed vessels qualified to ISO 9001:2015 certification, IACS (Lloyds/BV etc.), MOD, CE certification or MCA Coding.

Carson RIBs which started in the early 1980s are highly respected and recognised for being innovative and fast heavy-duty boats. Occupying a niche sector in the market they are widely used in the commercial and military sectors in over twenty countries worldwide. With operations from the Arctic to the Antarctic, Carson’s have been used for diving, rescue, military, paramilitary, commercial & environmental operations, to name but a few with many leisure enthusiasts also enjoying the benefits of ownership.

Bringing the two brands together combines a wealth of experience with decades of proven pedigree offering customers a complete and seamless integrated service second to none.

Currently in build is a 10m Carson-Ctruk 1000 RIB that will be available on the South Coast for demonstration in 2021.



Carson RIBs and Yacht Management Group (YMG) are pleased to announce their new collaboration to market Carson RIBs. YMG are well renowned in the superyacht world. YMG’s Alex Bahn is a very experienced broker already familiar with Carson RIBs. In 2017 YMG sold one of the first of the then newly introduced innovative Carson Interceptor RIBs fitted with 3 x 300hp Mercury Verado outboards. YMG have now taken on exclusive marketing for the leisure sector in Denmark and Germany. Carson RIBs are built in the UK in partnership with CTruk Marine Services Ltd. at their five acre state-of-the-art facilities in Colchester, UK. CTruk are highly skilled and experienced builders with all vessels qualified to ISO 9001:2015 Certification, IACS (Lloyds/BV etc.), MOD, CE certification or MCA Coding. Renowned in the professional and military sectors since the early 1980s, the extensive and innovative Carson RIB range extends up to 15 metres. Offered with vacuum infusion moulded GRP or welded aluminium construction, all boats are bespoke built so the customer gets exactly what they want. Leisure versions of all these high performance heavy-duty boats are also offered. The new CR1000 (10m long) depicted here can be fitted with either outboard or inboard engine options. A demonstrator is currently in build and will have twin 300hp Oxe diesel outboards. A wheelhouse and forward cabin make this a very versatile and rugged RIB. Other layouts are available. YMG have a 60kt+ Carson Interceptor available for viewing and demonstration in Flensburg Fjiord, Denmark.

For Denmark and Germany enquiries please contact Alex Bahn.


Phone +45 514 964 57