Carson Ribs have a long pedigree line of proven design and construction experience spanning back nearly four decades. Build specification and quality is second to none. Both hand lay-up and infusion grp are offered. Aluminium hulled models are also available.  All materials used are Lloyd's Approved and in excess of recognised industry standards. Substantial substructures provide enormous strength and rigidity to inspire confidence in the worst conditions. First introduced in the 1980s, all outboard engine models have the unique Carson metal reinforced transom frame to give maximum strength in this critical area.

Many Carsons are still in everyday professional operations over thirty years after first being delivered. Testimony to their excellent design, practical features and quality construction.

Custom built aluminium designs are all backed up with the designer's direct involvement working closely alongside a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced partner shipyard personnel throughout the build process. This ensures our customers receive an unrivaled project experience to give maximum confidence in getting exactly what they want.


Top quality welded marine grade aluminium offers many advantages for this type of craft. It is amazingly strong for its weight, more easily repaired, perhaps just needing a hammer to knock out dents when a GRP hull would be a specialist workshop job and may have suffered fracturing with the same impact force. Overall maintenance can be lower and it suffers less degeneration. Any potential problems are generally more obviously identified by visual inspection.

Aluminium remains the same weight throughout its life unlike GRP that absorbs water over time, does not need painting and arguably may be more easily modified if wanted. It is also substantially more abrasion resistant than GRP, which means it can also be beached more readily when GRP would likely be damaged and better survives hard use in harsh conditions. Particularly in the larger sizes aluminium is now more than previously a more cost effective option compared to GRP. Another important consideration is that when the time comes it can be recycled.