CARSON boat crew drysuites offer a viable alternative to traditional style drysuits using a tough breathable fabric for extra comfort . After years of struggling with conventional drysuits not ideally suited to boat operations it was decided to come up with a purpose designed option that is comfortable to wear for longer periods, easier to don and get out of without needing assistance from another person and had options built in to altogether make the suit more practical.

The first obvious difference is the full length frontal watertight zip extending from the neck to the crotch. Similar to a boilersuit or overalls this allows simple, quick and unaided dressing and undressing. It also means more convenient comfort breaks without the need to fully undress the suit beforehand. While not intended for diving in, the neck has a neoprene seal and when zipped up is sufficient to keep most airborne spray and water out. On warmer days and when the suit is not immediately required it may be left unzipped for ventilation to assist the wearer's comfort and keep cooler. It can even be dropped down off the shoulders and thanks to the adjustable braces will remain at waist height and not drop to the floor. This means it is readily and quickly redonned when required. The waist is adjustable also.

Wrist cuffs have seals and the feet have rubber socks so workboots or shoes can be worn thus avoiding damage to the sock soles. The legs are tailored to fall outside of footwear mitigating the risk of water getting into the wearer's footwear. The sleeves are made similarly to mitigate water entry into gloves. Various pockets, pen holders and a radio pocket are standard. On the thigh fronts are large self-draining pockets, one with a flexible window to allow easy reading of notepads or folded charts.