Carson Rigid Inflatable Boats (Ribs) are one of the longer established Rib designs and builders, in fact we have been supplying professionals worldwide since the early 1980s. Good design, innovation, robust build quality, attention to detail and great customer service ensured Carson RIBs quickly gained an enviable reputation in the professional market. Highly respected as safe, seaworthy and fast heavy-duty boats they are widely used in the commercial and military markets and have been sold in over twenty countries worldwide. In operations from the Arctic to the Antarctic, Carsons have been used for a wide range of duties including diving, rescue, navy, coastguard, port authorities, oil spill recovery, law enforcement and special forces to name some. Many private leisure enthusiasts have also enjoyed the benefits of owning a Carson Rib.


Always recognised for being innovative, For nearly 40 years Carson designs have pushed the boundaries to improve the breed producing boats of outstanding performance and practical design. Many unique design features were industry firsts and quickly copied by others. Our gallery shows many examples including several models built in collaboration with other manufacturers.

In addition to boats other products now compliment the Carson line up. These include a range of shock mitigation seats to suit all types of fast boats, a unique inflatable rescue catamaran, the Carson 4XR, professional boat crew drysuits and soon a range of innovative marine drives. We also have a special trailer currently under development. The concept is designed to make towing heavy boats a safer, more convenient and easier experience.

Custom design projects can also be produced for commercial or private customers.