The Carson 4XR is a unique inflatable catamaran craft specifically designed to meet the exacting requirements of professional rescuers and other operators requiring a safe and stable platform to deal with the ever increasing need to quickly respond to all types of emergency flood and water borne situations. When first designed it was featured on the BBC Tomorrow's World TV programme because of its innovative concept. Suitable for use on a wide variety of waters ranging from street and town flooding to fast flowing rapid rivers and weirs or inshore surf conditions in coastal areas this unique craft offers many advantageous features over other types of craft often used. Some of the unique features include:

  • Innovative and practical design

  • Unique reversible design means if capsized does not require righting and is still operable due to its mirror image like design. The top is the same as the bottom!

  • Use on water, ice, mud, sand, slurry, etc.

  • Safe and convenient to use with minimum training required

  • Quality materials for strength, reliabilty and safety

  • Impressive safety features

  • Huge stability, much better than conventional inflatable dinghies

  • Easy handling

  • Good maneuverability

  • Easy transport

  • Compact storage

  • Light weight

  • Rapid deployment

  • High visibility

  • Optional propulsion and control methods: paddles, oars, outboard or rope tender

  • Self-draining deck requires no bailing or pumping out

  • Big flat deck space allows CPR on casualties, carrying a stretcher or wheelchair

  • Big load capability means more casualties can be transported per trip

  • Can carry bulky and heavy rescue equipment

  • Easier recovery of casualties from water, etc. at either end where deck is more easily accessed

  • Tested and proven design

  • Good customer support

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